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A sea of information is available at your fingertips. You need to know who, and what, to trust. We are here to help.

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Why Enlighten 567?

Trust and Transparency

We partner with trusted and vetted professionals to help you achieve your financial goals.


Any information you provide us is completely confidential. We do not sell or share this information.

No Obligation

You can simply attend an event, gain valuable information and leave! There’s absolutely no obligation to meet with anyone or purchase anything afterwards.

Zero Cost

Our educational events are of no cost to you. We’re here to help you navigate any financial situation and make the best decision for you and your family.

Find direction for life’s biggest questions.

Investing for your retirement. Buying a home. Sending your kids to college. Protecting your estate assets. These are big decisions, with even bigger implications. We host educational events across the United States and Canada to help you feel confident and secure when making these decisions.

We are a network of established professionals providing critical information for various life decisions.

Enlighten 567 partners with trusted, vetted professionals – subject matter specialists who communicate critical information in a meaningful and memorable way, guiding you to make smart choices. Our professionals will make you feel informed, empowered, capable and confident so you can handle whatever gets thrown your way.

Don’t take our word for it.

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Our Most Popular Topics

Taxes in Retirement

If you’re nearing retirement or already retired, you need to understand how taxes (including the new changes) impact your retirement income, as it may be possible for you to pay less in taxes on your hard-earned dollars. Since each person’s tax situation is unique, and the tax rules can change year to year, it can be challenging to get accurate and timely information

Social Security

Social Security provides not only a guaranteed income stream but also longevity protection, spousal protection and some inflation protection. It may be the closest thing you receive to a traditional pension. Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, there may be ways to maximize the lifetime Social Security benefits you receive.

Estate Planning

Like many people, you may hope to leave a substantial legacy for
your loved ones and charitable causes. But without proper planning and the appropriate financial strategies, you may not be able to protect your assets from probate and other unintended consequences. As a result, your estate may be settled in ways you did not intend.

College Planning

One financial goal that most parents share is a college education
for their children. Yet with college costs increasing at a faster rate than general inflation, saving for college can be a daunting task. You can, however, pursue this important financial goal by establishing a college fund and taking action today. Starting now, rather than later, can help ensure that you are financially prepared when your child is ready for college.


Medicare can be an incredibly complex and confusing program. It’s to your benefit to understand how these programs work and how you can maximize your benefits. Wisely managing your Medicare benefits starts with understanding the facts. Join us to learn about the different options available to see which plan makes the most “cents” for you and your budget.