Detailed Disclosures (USA Financial) - Enlighten567

Detailed Disclosures 

Enlighten 567 is the client-facing entity for White Glove, a seminar promotion company. The purpose of this disclosure is to ensure that you are aware of White Glove’s (“Promoter”) relationship with USA Financial Securities and the representative affiliated with USA Financial Securities (“Representative”) including the cash compensation that Representative pays Promoter to refer possible client such as yourself, and Promoter’s related material conflicts of interest.

Representative and Promoter have entered into a written agreement pursuant to which Representative will compensate Promoter (“Promoter Fee”) to promote workshops to seminar attendees and refer attendees to Representative for questions and ongoing advice. Promoter will receive compensation outlined below that will be payable to the Promoter. The fees paid to Promoter are paid irrespective of whether you become a client of Representative and these fees are not passed along to you.

Topic Workshops
Social Security 567
Medicare 567
$249 per household in attendance
Estate Planning 567
Taxes in Retirement 567
College Planning 567
$299 per household in attendance

Because of the compensation arrangement described above, Promoter has an incentive to refer potential clients to the USA Financial Securities and Representative rather than other investment advisory services that will not result in Promoter’s receipt of cash compensation from Representative. These incentives create material conflicts of interest for Promoter, which you should be aware of and carefully consider in connection with your discussions with Promoter and Representative.

White Glove and its representatives are not affiliated with USA Financial Securities, nor are White Glove or any of its agents authorized to provide investment advice on behalf of USA Financial Securities. The information shared by White Glove is meant as educational only and USA Financial makes no representation as to the accuracy of information shared.