Important Disclosures Relating to Referrals Through Enlighten 567 - Enlighten567

Important Disclosures Relating to Referrals Through Enlighten 567 

Enlighten 567 (the “Program”) is an advertising and referral service for investment professionals. When you provide your contact information through the Program website, Enlighten 567 will introduce you to investment professionals, including in your case, an investment adviser representative (“Advisor”) of the Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”). It is up to you to interview the Advisor and decide whether you want to hire them. If you decide to hire Advisor, you will enter into an agreement directly with that Advisor to provide you with investment advisory services.

Advisor has entered an arrangement with Enlighten 567 under which Advisor pays a fee to Enlighten 567 to plan and market an educational workshop and receive initial introductions to interested consumers on various financial topics under certain DBAs. Advisor may pay anywhere from $249 to $329 per household as of 12/01/2022. A household is described as a married couple, partner or single individual. 

The fees paid by Advisor to Enlighten 567 are paid irrespective of whether you become a client of Advisor and are not passed along to you. You will not pay any increased fee to Advisor or RIA as a result of the arrangement. However, the presence of these arrangements may affect the Advisor’s willingness to negotiate below its standard investment advisory fees, and therefore may affect the overall fees you pay. Please ask the Advisor for more information about their fees. 

Enlighten 567 is not affiliated with Advisor or the RIA and neither Enlighten 567 nor any of its representatives are authorized to provide investment advice on behalf of Advisor or the RIA or to act for or bind Advisor or the RIA. No investment advisory agreement with Advisor will become effective until accepted by Advisor and the RIA.