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Medicare Seminars

Medicare can be an incredibly complex and confusing program. It’s to your benefit to understand how these programs work and how you can maximize your benefits. Wisely managing your Medicare benefits starts with understanding the facts. Join us to learn about the different options available to see which plan makes the most “cents” for you and your budget. 

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You’ll Learn About:

How and When?

Learn tips and best practices on how and when to sign up for Medicare benefits including what you need to know before you enroll.

Coverage and Cost

We’ll go over the multiple coverage options including Part A, B, C and D, and will break down the costs, as well as the gaps in coverage and the potential need for supplemental insurance.

Maximizing your Benefits

Maximizing your Medicare benefits starts with understanding the facts. We will break everything down into simple to understand information and help you take the guesswork out of Medicare.


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