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Exclusive for your employer, we are offering top-rated financial educational workshops, free of charge. Our financial coaches are highly qualified advisors, vetted by Enlighten 567, who have coached thousands of households over several personal finance topics. Choose topics ranging from the basics of investing to advanced retirement planning.  

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Estate Planning 567

Monday, 11/8 AM & PM – Online Webinar

Many people think of Estate Planning as wanting to leave a substantial legacy to loved ones or charitable causes. However, everyone needs an estate plan in one form or another. Not planning ahead can cost surviving family members unnecessary expenses, but also a lot of headache during an already difficult time. Proper planning and the appropriate financial strategies can enable your estate to be settled the way you want, and so your surviving family members don’t have to deal with the probate court.


    Learning about inheritance
    How to finalize your last wishes
    How to control who gets what, when and how

Taxes In Retirement 567

Tuesday, 11/9 AM & PM – Online Webinar

If you’re nearing retirement or already retired, you need to understand how taxes (including the new changes) impact your retirement income, as it may be possible for you to pay less in taxes on your hard-earned dollars. That is why we’ve developed a special webinar that has already helped many people nationwide navigate the retirement tax maze.


    Understanding the official new tax reform rules
    Managing your retirement
    Avoiding common mistakes

Investment Fundamentals 567

Wednesday, 11/10 AM & PM – Online Webinar

Today, more people realize that they need a sound investment strategy to help pursue their financial goals – whether those goals include a comfortable retirement, a vacation home, a trip around the world, or a child’s college education. Traditional savings accounts and certificates of deposit often don’t provide sufficient growth potential to help investors reach their objectives. Yet many people are intimidated by the idea of investing because they are concerned about market volatility or don’t know where to begin.


    Choosing investments in your IRA/401(k)
    Strategies for retiring early
    Learning how to pay off and manage debt

College Planning 567

Thursday, 11/11 AM & PM – Online Webinar

One financial goal that most parents share is a college education for their children. Yet with college costs increasing at a faster rate than general inflation, saving for college can be a daunting task. You can, however, pursue this important financial goal by establishing a college fund and taking action today. Starting now, rather than later, can help ensure that you are financially prepared when your child is ready for college.


    Families looking to reduce the cost of college
    Learning how to get the maximum amount of financial aid

Social Security 567

Friday, 11/12 AM & PM – Online Webinar

One of the most important decisions you need to make before you retire is when to claim Social Security benefits.
Many retirees apply for Social Security before reaching full retirement age. But by doing so, they may significantly and permanently reduce the benefits that they — and possibly their spouses — could receive over a lifetime.


    Married couples with combined benefits
    Widowed or divorced spouses
    Maximizing your benefit as a single filer

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