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Retirement Helper – Canada Seminars

Have you saved enough for retirement? You’ve worked hard for decades. On the verge of retirement, you may have questions about your savings and how to best protect them. You might also want to learn more about which government benefits you’re entitled to – and when you can start receiving them. Our goal is to teach you how to plan and set yourself up for success in order to optimize your retirement income.

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You’ll Learn About:

Government Benefits

We’ll discuss the different ways your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security can be claimed, how survivor benefits work, how to potentially increase and/or recapture your benefits and how registered, non-registered and TFSA income affect government benefits.

Retirement Income Optimization

We’ll help you understand and maximize your options, as well as discover new strategies that could help you protect yourself against hidden risks.

Tax Basics

You’ll learn about the basics of the Income Tax Act and tax levels.


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