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Are you filling the right buckets? 

Many people are not. In fact, 66% of Americans are worried that they will outlive their savings. If you’re among them, you’re not alone. There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself against taxes and secure your financial future. Watching this webinar is your first step toward making sure you are filling the right retirement savings buckets.

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Balancing pre-tax Traditional IRA/401(k) post-tax (Roth IRA), and taxable accounts to manage future tax liability.


How RMDs can push you into a higher tax bracket.


The importance of understanding the sequence of returns.

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Investing for your retirement. Buying a home. Sending your kids to college. Protecting your estate assets. These are big decisions, with even bigger implications. A sea of information is available at your fingertips, and you need to know who – and what – to trust.

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Who is presenting?
The majority of our presenters are local professionals who come from a financial background (CPAs, financial professionals, attorneys and other knowledgeable professionals). Social security benefits play an important role in your retirement income plan, along with your overall financial strategy. With social security playing a major part in your retirement income, it only makes sense to learn from someone coming from a financial background.
Who is this for?
The information presented at the webinar can help those already retired, as well as anyone approaching retirement.
Is there a "sales" pitch?
No, the webinars are strictly educational. While presenters may hand out their business cards or brochures to provide background on their company, guests have no obligation to engage with any Taxes In Retirement 567 speaker during or after the webinar.
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