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Do you want to be part of the 15% that retire in their 50s?

Your 40s are a prime time to focus on financial growth. That’s because there are likely to be fewer pensions and other sources of reliable income; therefore, much of your retirement income will come from your personal savings.

Have you been contributing to your retirement plan since you started working, whether it’s a 401k, an IRA or something similar? If you haven’t, there’s still time to catch up with contributions and use the power of compounded interest to increase retirement savings over the long run.

Join this webinar to learn strategies for making sure you have a comfortable retirement.

“A leading educational resource for those nearing retirement”

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Career changes and 401k's, Roth conversions, cashouts, and lump-sum distributions.


How estate plans, wills, and trusts can protect your inheritance or your heirs'.


Leveraging 529 Plans for college planning.

About Us

Investing for your retirement. Buying a home. Sending your kids to college. Protecting your estate assets. These are big decisions, with even bigger implications. A sea of information is available at your fingertips, and you need to know who – and what – to trust.

Enlighten 567 partners with trusted, vetted professionals – subject matter experts who communicate critical information in a meaningful and memorable way, guiding you to make smart choices. Our professionals will make you feel informed, empowered, capable and confident so you can handle whatever gets thrown your way.


Who is presenting?
The majority of our presenters are local professionals who come from a financial background (CPAs, financial professionals, attorneys and other knowledgeable professionals). Social security benefits play an important role in your retirement income plan, along with your overall financial strategy. With social security playing a major part in your retirement income, it only makes sense to learn from someone coming from a financial background.
Who is this for?
The information presented at the webinar can help those already retired, as well as anyone approaching retirement.
Is there a "sales" pitch?
No, the webinars are strictly educational. While presenters may hand out their business cards or brochures to provide background on their company, guests have no obligation to engage with any Taxes In Retirement 567 speaker during or after the webinar.
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